Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Art


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After learning to paint I settled on acrylics and in recent years I have also created digital art.
sometimes I use other mediums too. This site contains a mixture of these.
I am based in London, England.


As a youngster I loved drawing. My Grandfather painted and this had a bearing on my desire to paint and provided a standard to aim for.


From early on I enjoyed imaginary paintings, as well as great artworks by more traditional artists. My interest in space and exploration was also a big contributor to my subject matter.

I am fond of detail and realistic art so my style echoes this.


I have sold original art to individuals around the world including a number of private commission for very satisfied buyers in the UK and the USA.


My art has been exhibited  in London and around the UK, in Paris and also America.  I have exhibited with the Guild of Aviation Artists (GAVA) in London's Mall Galleries and displayed my Space Art work with the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) at a few venues including at NASA.


Some of my work has also been used as a book cover, in magazines and brochures.

I am an artist member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists.(IAAA).