Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Art


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How do I paint?
To begin with it helps to be able to draw. Lots of practice visualising lots of different things has developed my skills in this area.
Many artworks are painted using artists acrylic paint. I may paint on smooth board or on canvas. I usually start out with a sketch to work out composition then paint large areas of background or blocks of colour before refining it layer on layer.
Digital works are done in a similar way, sketches then refining the idea.
I use a few digital paint programs. I have used Photoshop but also use Gimp and others too.
I generally keep to only a handful of layers and may occasionally do a piece all as one layer.

Where do the ideas come from?
Sometimes doodles look like things and I ‘work them up’, other times I want to try an effect or a colour palette and other times it might be photos or other artists that inspire me. There is no one source I am afraid.

Why do I paint?
I like creating images and imagining things or showing how something might look in a given situation. Partly its also the challenge of working out how to get to the finished artwork.
How much are the original artworks and prints?
Paintings vary on size and complexity, generally the larger they are the more they cost. Please enquire about one and I can give you specific details.
Similarly some prints are available or can be produced.

Can I paint something for customers
Yes I can. Please contact me with your request. I can help narrow down and focus your thoughts if you are not sure what you want. Or you may send a sketch of what you are thinking of.  
Commissioning artwork is not as scary as it might seem. Clients have enjoyed the experience and seeing it all come together.

Customer testimonial:
"We have purchased three of Gavin Mundy's Space Art and Sci Fi Art paintings to date. We really like his work and feel he captures the imagination of planetary space exploration very well. We particularly like the combination of planets and imagined engineering spacecraft designs with astronauts exploring the surface. His work is excellent. We were also pleased with how helpful and efficient his service was."
Gemma & Kelvin (Surrey, UK).

"The painting arrived and is perfect. Thanks for all the time and trouble taken... allow me to express my thanks and delight ...Your notations and sketches really add to the piece and I am delighted... looks really special and your imagination is fascinating."
Leslie (UK).