Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Art


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This website contains Science Fiction, Fantasy and Space Art.  


Welcome to the Painted Universe of artist G J Mundy.


I enjoy painting and creating images, real or imagined. I love depicting textures, detail and light and apart from imaginary science fiction and fantasy scenes I create images of real present day space scenes too, often hardware or spacecraft (past, present or near future).

I also paint landscapes or spacescapes of our solar system bodies and occasionally astronomical scenes.


I have exhibited space and astronomical art in museums and exhibitions at a few locations around the globe.


To buy an original painting, request use of an image for Internet or printed use, or to commission bespoke art please contact me.


The artwork and text of this website is copyright G.J.Mundy.


The art is divided into three categories. Some works are traditionally painted while others are digital.



Science Fiction Art


Science Fiction Art
Space Art